Neeta is an amazing accountability partner. She not only holds me to my goals, but she helps me prioritize and streamline my work to help to achieve them.

Second, she is an awesome listener. Sometimes I need to share more detail about a situation than is needed for her to give me counsel, but she allows me to talk through all angles of a challenge.

Third, she helps me to remove roadblocks by taking action. She doesn’t just give advice, she rolls up her sleeves and gets things done. Where I have hit a brick wall, she goes around, under or over the wall and together we get to enjoy the benefits on the other “side” of the problem. This is priceless.

As a result of her coaching, I am 100% more effective as a leader and at least 50% more productive on a day to day basis. I can’t imagine life without Neeta by my side.

Chicke Fitzgerald

CEO, Founder and Chief Rainmaker, Solutionz Innovations LLC

Neeta’s ability to align powerful, action-taking CEOs is like none other. She handles myself and another brilliant CEO in a partnership in a gentle way that effectively keeps us focused, on task and communicating clearly. While we are successful independently and partnered, the level of success we have is a direct correlation to having Neeta on our team. She’s delightful to work with and tremendously appreciated.

I suggest Neeta to any power-house CEO as an ally. Her proprietary knowledge would also be an asset in any speaking engagement proposed. I would not have thought I “needed” or “wanted” a partner like Neeta until we started working with her and from meeting one I could feel the value of her presence and participation. Now I know both – that I WANT her on the team and I NEED her on the team.

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Nancy Lucas M.Ed

CEO at Sales SaaS Consulting, U.S.A

Laura and I have been very impressed with your sessions and have both agreed that it has given us the push that we needed. It has allowed us to think about the business and the priorities but from a different perspective and that has helped us to focus…. We love the way you have really connected with us, not only as a business but also as individuals. The pace & focus of the sessions have been great, and we have been given clear directives which have been followed up by your written report. As a result, we have received more bookings and enquiries from new customers.

Client BW

Skin Clinic, UK

Neeta Solanki is articulate and has an understanding of what I needed to do for my business to grow. Neeta was prepared to roll up her sleeves, get involved in the project and walk me through the areas I needed to work on. I would recommend Neeta Solanki to anyone who is looking for someone with passion and enthusiasm to help their business flourish.

V Haywood

Founder of La Vie Health & Wellness

Neeta is a consummate professional. She listens to what customers say and comes up with real business solutions that deliver realisable value. She is an excellent team player, supporting, coordinating and leading activities as required.

M Whitwam

Principal Consultant, Infor

Working with Neeta has been such an amazing experience. I was overwhelmed and overloaded and she helped me quickly identify what my priorities were and what I needed to do to re-align with them and myself. She listened without judgment and came up with action plans that I could start to implement immediately. I am so grateful for her ongoing support which has been helpful to me both personally and professionally. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Client Y

1-2-1 Coaching

Neeta was assigned as my mentor when I joined IBM. She played an instrumental part in helping me navigate the complexities of working in a very large, global organization. It was due to her help, that I was able to get all the resources I needed, make the right connections and get equipped with all the due diligence processes. All of this was crucial to be successful in a highly competitive environment.

She is a class act both professionally and personally. I found her to be very approachable, empathetic and supportive. She would go out of her way to help her team and clients. It was a pleasure working with her and she earns my highest recommendation.

W Qureshi

Senior Advisor, IBM

I have worked with Neeta on several opportunities during her time at IBM. She has always been responsive and helpful and eager to use her skills to help solve customer problems.

S Waters

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