91-Days Strategic Growth Plan


Feeling stuck, sales reached a plateau or know you can do more!

Too many automatic negative thoughts holding you back

Disengaged team / need to grow

Confused on how to stand out

Confused about pricing, costings, margins, profitability

No-one is challenging YOU!


Perform strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats analysis

Work through my framework to understand you & your values

Support for you & your team

Identify your competitive advantages

Identify what is really important for you & your business

Be held accountable


Focusing on your strengths & making quicker decisions to increase $$££$$

Feel supported, heard, understood, and less stressed or overwhelmed

Team culture

Maximise sales $$££ & clients laughingcool

Monitor key performance indicators to be proactive and profitable

Live your legacy !

Imagine having the clarity & certainty within yourself … … That you are now attracting investors for your business!
Picture this, you are featured on a high profile publication … … That you are known as a thought leader sharing your legacy!
Visualise feeling that moment of contentment …  … Making better decisions, championed by your team & feel ignited again!

Other ways to work with Neeta include 1-2-1 CEO  Business Coaching to Live your Legacy – 12 months package. 

1-2-1 distance healing using holistic therapy techniques, click HERE to book and learn more. 

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Some Coaching Results

One CEO was not looking for a Business Coach yet within a few months she found herself making better decisions as she was held accountable and challenged on her thought process.

An upcoming game changer was overwhelmed and confused about starting a new business.  We focused on her roles as an Entrepreneur, single mum and student by doing a SWOT analysis and prioritising her aspirations.  Straightaway, her stress levels were dramatically reduced allowing her to perform faster yet calmer.

Some Consultancy Results

Situation: Internal team within a large corporation were not delivering to their clients’ specification, the team were heavily stressed yet almost redundant.
Task: I went back to their purpose, why they were formulated, who they served and revisited the forever changing specifications.
Action: By setting expectations and constantly engaging with the client, the team’s workload was balanced allowing skilled staff to breathe a little, and not so experienced staff to learn some more.
Result: Client satisfaction improved dramatically, from 25% to 85% alongside with productivity.

Situation: Business Owner felt threaten a new nearby competitor and had the urge to compete by also getting new equipment and attire.
Task: I advised to focus on what they had rather than what they did not have.
Action: Informed clients about their new systems and equipment for better results and service for the client, introduced a loyalty program, carried out surveys and feedback forms.
Result: Maintained existing client base and increased new clients by 20%.

Situation: Dissatisfied client from another consultant.
Task: Built rapport and trust to understand the situation deeper.
Action: Implemented process changes to reflect their unique operations.
Result: Increased productivity and return on their investment.

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