Taking a balanced approach creates a solid framework


My services aim to empower you by taking a balanced approach to success.  I have designed my own framework, the Success Accelerator™ consisting of 5 pillars which have their own acronyms to allow us to take a holistic perspective to personal and business empowerment.

Persona is about you, your personality, values, goals and working towards a growth mindset.

People is about the relationship of individuals you interact with. This includes assessing your ideal client, working business partners, colleagues and support from friends and family.

Presence is about your digital voice in the digital market space, also introducing strategies to increase your sales enquiry conversion rates.

Pool covers your cashflow, the pool of cash available for your daily operations of your business.

Profit is about understanding the numbers, basic accounting terms and pricing strategies.


I provide 1-2-1 discovery and coaching sessions to ultimately increase your revenue whilst ensuring you have clarity on your end goals.

On-line Courses



The Success Accelerator framework was originally built as an on-line course, “Accelerate in Business with Confidence” which is available to purchase at MasterMind.com.  The Profit module is also available as an individual course, “Price up your Profit”.  You can find the courses at https://cutt.ly/CoursesbyNeeta just search for Neeta.