Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of Business Owner / Entrepreneur are your services for?

If you want to grow your established business then I can help you assess your current state, strategically plan, start to execute, measure and monitor progress so that you can celebrate scaling your business.

Working with the right Business Coach for you will depend on your personality, your values, how you think, and how you prefer to make decisions therefore, I invite you to have a 30-minute introduction meeting with me. Click here to book.

I believe there is always room for improvement; scrutinizing costs, getting smarter with your pricing, and planning for growth tend to be good starting points. The sooner you start to understand your figures and become aware of smarter ways of working, the quicker your business can reap the benefits.

2. What are the benefits from working with Neeta Solanki?

The benefits will vary depending on the pains and gains a client is seeking. I work with my clients to collectively assess their business and aspirations using my agile framework for holistic sustainability.

Common areas include increasing efficiency which saves time and money.  Even small businesses can make massive steps forward by adding simple automation, bringing in modern best practices, or using technology. Overall, it is about smooth daily operations when it comes to cashflow, which creates the time to allocate the increased profit for future investment.

3. How much coaching time do I get?

For the 91-day Strategic Growth plan programme we typically meet every two weeks, where one can be a monthly team meeting if required.  I am very passionate about client satisfaction and so within reason, do provide support in-between sessions if needed. Meetings will vary from 60-90 minutes per session.

4. How do I know which programme is right for me?

Neeta offers a complimentary introduction Zoom call for you to ask any questions. Click here to book.

5. How much of my time is needed?

To make the most of our time together, some tasks may need to be completed in-between sessions either by you or someone in your team.  Your time will depend on the tasks in hand however, coaching is also about accountability to get you closer to your goals.  During busy times, strategic planning is all about prioritisation with current resources and so we will monitor and adapt with a goal end in mind.

6.  Does your coaching serve any industry or business?

Working with the right Business Coach is a personal preference. Some Business Owners work with coaches who are only focused on their industry, however, some seek ideas outside their norm to be different, to get fresh ideas or simply because there is a human connection.

7. Are the sessions remote or face-2-face?

I have found that using Zoom allows me to serve my clients more efficiently and across the globe. However, more importantly giving me the ability to record the sessions to provide accountability notes after our meetings.  Face-2-face meetings can be considered however this will impact the cost of your investment.

8. Can you train my team?

I always say, “It takes one person to initiate change, however a team to make it happen”.  Within my 91-day programme, team meetings or 1-2-1 CEO meetings can be replaced with individual team sessions or training.  Within my framework, we can cover the importance of team rapport, trust, culture, and management.

9. What is your process to get started?

I start with a complementary short introduction Zoom call for you to decide if I can help move you and your business forward.  Simply click here to book.  Thereafter, we can have discovery call for a deeper dive into your business, adding value straightaway. 


10. I have recently started my business, is it worth getting a business coach at this stage?

Many Business Owners agree that although they started their business to focus on their passion, running a business requires a complete different set of skills and knowledge.  Having a Business Coach allows you to focus on your strengths and makes the journey so much more enjoyable and less stressful. The earlier you start, the easier it becomes to break bad habits, adopt efficient processes and maximise your and your clients’ satisfaction.

11. What is the difference between business coaching, consultancy and mentoring?

Coaching is the process of helping someone reframe their problem to find their own solution. I use my expertise in human psychology to empower you to overcome your business challenges with innovative ideas and thinking out of the box.

Consulting is advising and sometimes implementing to resolve a particular business challenge. With my expertise in business development, I guide you towards proven solutions and frameworks which can deliver the best results for your business.

Mentoring plays more of an advisory role using one’s knowledge and experience to guide over a longer period. Here we can discuss the market presence of your business and the importance of organisational culture along with your sustainable competitive advantage for example. Thus, return to the roots of why you started your business?

The roles may sound similar however, to sum it up, I coach to draw out answers, mentor to guide, and when necessary, consult to execute, based on my knowledge and over 25+ years of experience.

12. Surely, I can just get all this information from the internet, why should I invest in you?

People delegate tasks or projects when they become aware of a weakness, dislike, or a constraint, such as the time, that they choose to invest in an expert to support and keep them accountable on this journey. People also pay to get results faster.

My aim is to save you time, which is money, and empower you, which is potential knowledge, so you can take action to make your business accelerate. Some areas of your business maybe working well for you already, others maybe not as much, so by assessing from all angles, there is always room for improvement and always a different way of doing things, which may serve you better.

13. What about confidentiality?

Having worked for large corporations such as IBM, I fully respect client confidentiality and the importance of handling client data.  I am also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if required.

Neeta Solanki High Impact Coaching is the trading name of Sol Investments UK Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales whose registration number is 04730669. Registered office 7 Solihull Lane, Birmingham, England B28 9LS, VAT registered ID: 289 7203 61.  Click HERE to navigate to the Home page.