What type of Business Owner / Entrepreneur are your services for?

You can be a newbie or established business which sells products or services.  I believe there is always room for improvement; scrutinizing costs, getting smarter with your pricing and market presence tend to be good starting points.  The sooner you start to understand your figures and become aware of smarter ways of working, the quicker your business can reap the benefits.

Your framework covers business success from all angles, can you cover all of them in full?

My experience is mainly around Business Processes, Change Management, Client Avatars, Accounting and Software integration.  Using my own experience about working with people, starting my own business, and overcoming the challenges of self-doubt, I have studied further into these areas sufficiently to coach.  Also, I have professional contacts to ensure you get the best service and outcome you deserve.  As an open and honest person, if I believe I cannot help you, most likely I will know someone who can!  

Surely, I can just get all this information from the internet, why should I invest in you?

I am bringing my 20 years of experience working with and for small and large businesses, as well as my invested education which I continue to do every day, this includes my Chartered Management Accountancy qualification.  I have collated all this experience, knowledge and know-how into a framework that breaks down into bite size chunks, making it easier to follow. My aim is to save you time, which is money, empower you, which is potential knowledge, so you can take action to make your business accelerate. Some areas of your business maybe working well for you already, others maybe not as much, so by assessing from all angles, there is always room for improvement and always a different way of doing things, which may serve you better.  I use my framework based on your business needs, it is not in black and white as we are all individuals and so I like to provide a customise approach to bring you results.

When is the best time to invest in a Business Mentor?

I believe there is always room for improvement and so there is never a wrong time, however situations may deteriorate overtime if ignored and so the time is now.  I was taught ignorance is no defence. It is not about you and your experience, it is about you resonating with your client base to ensure they know that you understand their pains, frustrations and what they are aiming to gain.

What is the difference between a Business Mentor and Coach?

Coaching is the process of training and growing a business or individual to improve their performance over a short period, however this can be on-going as the world is forever changing.  Here I will use my expertise to coach you in business so that you can focus on your core strengths.  Mentoring plays more of an advisory role using one’s knowledge and experience to guide over a longer period. Here we can talk about your market presence and the importance of understanding why you started your business. The roles may sound similar however the key difference is a Coach has experienced your challenges and a Mentor will apply their knowledge to advise and guide you. is the trading name of Sol Investments UK Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales whose registration number is 04730669. Registered office 7 Solihull Lane, Birmingham, England B28 9LS, VAT registered ID: 289 7203 61.