What makes me different?

Hi there, I’m Neeta, thank you for visiting my website.

I help established Business Owners in the technology industry to own their legacy, to ignite the fire & passion back into their business and life.

My goal is for you be supported as a human being & have a bespoke strategic plan for your business & your team for sustainable growth.

I have 25+ years of experience in change management with people, process improvement, financial performance, integrated technologies, scenario planning and analytics, to name a few of my skills.  I also use holistic therapies like Reiki for an unique experience working with me.

I help unlock hidden profit in your business!

I help you think outside the box to be courageous in your unique way.

I help you become aware, (learn), to launch and to live your legacy.

I also offer distance healing on your physical wellbeing, so that you become calmer, more relaxed, enabling you to enjoy this amazing journey.

I have developed my own framework that can be the vehicle to take you to where you want to be by taking a balanced approach to success to ensure you have solid foundations for your business.

I understand that success can mean different things to different people, and so I take the time to understand you, the person behind the business.

Sometimes clients want to focus purely on the numbers, or to declutter their processes, or to collect data to understand customer churn,  in some cases to focus on them as a person, furthermore it is their team, my agile approach allows me to be flexible for you!

Don’t get stuck on hamster wheel !

If you are feeling stuck as your sales have reached a plateau and you know you can do more then I am here to convert these issues into challenges, where we look at them as puzzles there to be solved.

Maybe you find yourself having too many automatic negative thoughts (A.N.Ts) then together we can squash these ANTs!

Perhaps your team is a little disengaged and there is a need to understand more.

Maybe you are confused and no-one is challenging you, potentially reaching boredom, then allowing someone like me into your business could potentially reignite the fire and passion  back into your life and business.

Below is my story where the word Resilience best describes who I am today.

My Childhood

My family’s dynamic was already in chaos before I was even born. My parents were introduced and arranged to be married within days of meeting each other because other people thought it was the convenient thing to do. They settled in England, in the UK.  5 kids and 7 years later they divorced.

What did this mean for me?

Firstly, as a child, I had an enjoyable childhood because there was no structure. With 5 kids all under the age of 8, fighting for attention of a single parent, you can see this was a challenge for my mum.
We lived below the poverty line, living in a council house (a ‘housing project ‘). Having ‘no structure” can be quite disruptive!

 This developed various personality traits for me;

  • I am independent and I will get jobs done as I had no one else to rely on.
  • I have a voice and am not afraid to speak out if felt necessary, as if I don’t ask, I don’t get.
  • Although I have learnt to work to a structure, I can very easily jump into an agile environment and go with the flow.
  • I have also experienced being alone, bullied and teased yet as an extrovert, love being around people and seeing the positive side of situations.

Pivot No.1 – Challenge accepted

Later in life I also discovered I was a bit of a rebel.  I can still remember my boss, a Sharon Stone look-alike, short blonde hair, tall and elegant saying: –

“Neeta, I am so proud of you, you just came out of University, got married, joined us on a permanent basis less than two years ago, introduced customer profitability using data analytics, streamlining our processes and now, you have qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant.  Well done! We are going to promote you to a Tax Accountant, give you a pay rise, you won’t get that anywhere else”.  Ms Stone just killed my moment of excitement but at the same time, she had set me a challenge.

1997, was a pivotal moment in my life, as I learnt, “Don’t let others define you”.

I spent the next 20 years working with a few employers yet worked with so many small to large businesses in different industries, developing my knowledge about business. I became a Business Consultant for large software companies which gave me huge exposure to change management with people and business, transformation, process improvement, analytics, software and automation, scenario planning, sales, marketing, leadership, coaching, training & public speaking.

Pivot No.2 – Opportunity accepted

In 2017, I was made redundant for the third time, my self-esteem fell rock bottom. Yet I am so passionate about customer satisfaction that I carried on working during my gardening leave, looking after my assigned clients. One client to my surprise asked me to leave the Corporate world, become my own boss and work with them to manage a small projects team.

Pivot No.3 – Independence accepted

In 2019, I faced a moment in my life where it was me that needed help. I had exhausted my network to find the next contract that I needed a radical change.

Why I started my business

  • You have fulfilled your career and you know there is more to give, to live your legacy.
  • When you are stuck on your next step and need guidance.
  • When there is a need to connect and be understood.
  • When there is support around you, yet you feel unsupported as a person.

I hear you; I have been there.

Therefore, I focus on partnering with established Business Owners who have mastered their career yet know there is more to give, to live their legacy.  Maybe you are feeling stuck, lost or even confused, yet you want to grow in many ways, to thrive and not just survive in business.

I have gathered all my knowledge and education into an acceleration program to work with you, to take courageous action to champion and transform your business into exponential financial success.

The result, well why not hear it from my clients – Testimonials

Thank you.

Neeta Solanki High Impact Coaching is the trading name of Sol Investments UK Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales whose registration number is 04730669. Registered office 7 Solihull Lane, Birmingham, England B28 9LS, VAT registered ID: 289 7203 61.  Click HERE to navigate to the Home page.